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76. Tour Support

Financial support given to recording artists by the recording company (usually) to cover costs incurred while touring.

77. Trademarks

Any word, symbol or device that is used to distinguish your goods from the goods of another. Trademarks (brands) inform customers that the goods and services on which they are used come from you. A brand is an important asset and in order to protect it, you should register it as a trademark.

78. Vereniging Bureau voor Muziek Austeursrecht (BUMA)

Multinational performing rights society which collects in the Netherlands as well as a number of former Dutch colonies.

79. Warranty

A promise of one party that a statement is true. If the statement is false, the party is in breach of the contract.

80. Work for Hire

A work for hire happens when an individual or company is hired by someone (a contractor) else to create (or perform in) a piece of music. The creator grants ownership and control of the piece of music to the contractor in consideration (in exchange) for a fee.

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