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Sampling is a form of copying someone else’s music (sound recording and the underlying composition). It happens when you deliberately take parts of someone else’s work and include it your own song. Sampling is considered an infringement of copyright, unless an adequate license is obtained for the use of the sampled materials. Key Principles – […]

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Collection Societies are needed to protect the rights of musicians and songwriters, to monitor the performance of musical works and to make sure musicians get paid! A publisher will grant a license for a song to be performed or recorded and radio stations must make a record of what songs have been played. Larger stations […]


The following Four Stage Test will help you determine whether copyright subsists in your work. 1. Your work must belong to a protected category of works[1]. Primary Works: original literary (lyrics), musical (compositions), dramatic (dance capable of being performed) or artistic works (photographs, sculptures) Secondary or Derivative Works (usually carrying primary works): sound recordings, films, […]

The Role of Sanctuary Management in Iron Maiden’s career 1978-1980 Pt3.

 Key business decisions made at Iron Maiden’s early career. The self-released demo ‘The Soundhouse Tapes’ sold 3000 copies on the first week by mail-order only, and the remaining 2000 the following few weeks. Both Virgin and HMV stores phoned the management requesting for copies of the demo but the demo had been released for the […]

The Role of Sanctuary Management in Iron Maiden’s career 1978-1980 Pt2.

Demographic for Iron Maiden in 1978-1980 In the period concerning this article which is Iron Maiden early years, the audience was of a similar age to the musicians: late teens, early twenties. Musically the band appealed to rock audiences who did not or had stopped relating to old heavy metal acts such as Led Zeppelin, […]

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Iron Maiden career has lasted for over thirty years, spans across four decades and has reached sales of over sixty million records worldwide of its twenty four releases. This article compiles and analyses the business decisions from the years from 1978 until 1980. This period of time was decided on because it was then when […]

Why You Need a Band Agreement

Most people who decide to go into business together (be them plumbers, dentists, accountants, bakers) will have a lawyer to write a partnership agreement for them. However, it is common to find bands that are earning millions that never got around formalising their relationship. Band members either fail to see the need to make an […]

Getting the best out of 360 deals

Overview 360 deals have come around as the recording labels response to three major trends in the music industry in recent years: (1) the steady decline of revenue from record sales, (2) the increase in prices of tickets to live events and fan expenditure on merchandise and (3) the strengthening of the capabilities of the […]

Five Myths about Music Law

The purpose of this article is to clarify several common misconceptions about music industry law that are often discussed amongst musicians on the internet. 1. ”Songs must be registered for the copyright to be protected” Copyright is an automatic right of the author…  meaning that as soon as you make a tangible copy of a […]