Business and Legal Affairs Support

Many businesses in the entertainment industry cannot afford having an in-house lawyer or paying a solicitor/business adviser to provide them with ongoing support on day-to-day legal and business matters.

We have devised an affordable service (payable on a monthly basis) that, depending on your requirement, can include:

    • Assistance with contracts and negotiations.
    • Providing contract templates and help with customisation.
    • Advice on protecting your brand and trademarks.
    • Collecting societies (PRS, MCPS, PPL) registration.
    • Obtaining of licenses for use of content.
    • Coordination and advice on the signing of your contracts company-wide.
    • Help with any day-to-day legal queries you may have.

Monthly fees start from £199 per month depending on your particular requirements.

For an initial assessment and a free quote please contact us

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